2011-08-12 08:54:31 by PR0T05T33L

A list of websites I'm on is now on my Steam profile. l


2011-02-15 02:34:30 by PR0T05T33L

Do you play Minecraft? Are you looking for a good multiplayer server? Go to the Lifecraft Forums, apply for residency and tell them I sent you. Thanks in advance.

We're running low on players...

I've uploaded two of my Minecraft skins to the Art Portal. Please, check them out if you have time. I also need an artist to scout me. Check out the rest of my skins on the Skindex. Just, search for my username. Below is a preview of the two skins I've uploaded to Newgrounds.

Do not reupload my skins ANYWHERE without crediting me. The Electric Soldier has already been reuploaded many times.

Scout my Minecraft skins, please?

Yeah, PR0T05T33L Run 2 isn't going to happen. I lost the actual file to modify it.

Instead, I'm thinking of finishing PR0T05T33L Run 3. It may be a while, though and don't expect much.

Yeah, I'm bored.

2009-11-12 16:17:01 by PR0T05T33L

How did I get on to Newgrounds, again? Oh yeah...

I was on, looking around and I came across a page about a song called Ignorance Is Bliss. There was a link at the bottom. The link led to a video...

Made by a Newgrounds user named...


And that's how yet another teenager found out about Newgrounds! Go Bug! :D

A few months later (a Friday or Saturday night), I made my first account. The e-mail was wrong. Then, I tried again.

And succeeded. Finally. :)

Also, just so you kjnow...I may not upload anything for a while, just until I can put a background and sound effects in to my PR0T05T33L Run 2. I made it at school for Animation.

I made the sprites myself. As for the music...pre-credit goes to ParagonX9 for her AWESOME music piece, Infiltrator. Go ParagonX9!